Happy Friday!

The 100th day of school is coming up soon and it will be a major celebration! Wednesday February 12th is the 100th day. We will celebrate all day long with special activities about the number 100. One of the things we will do to celebrate is create a 100 Museum that will contain collections of 100 things. We have been talking about ways to show 100 like 100 baseball cards, 100 paperclips or 100 beads on a necklace. Children may need a little help gathering materials, but they should be able to do most of the work themselves. Please send in your collection on Wednesday February 12th.

Valentines day is coming up! Here is a list of students in our class. We encourage students to write out valentines. It is a great way for students to practice fine motor skills like how to hold a pencil, using correct letter formation and building hand strength.

click here for Hanson list

click here for Welch list

Have a great weekend!



Happy Friday!


Today we did a cool experiment with Mrs. Erickson in guidance.  Here’s what we did:

Step 1. Fill a bowl with water- the bowl is the school, the water is the classroom

Step 2. Shake lots of pepper (pepper people) into the bowl.

Step 3. Fill the pepper people’s buckets’ with sugar (the sweet, kind things we say and do for people). Watch what the pepper people do- they go towards the sugar.
Step 4. Dip a bar of soap into middle of the bowl. The soap is the bucket dipping things we say or do to people. Watch what the pepper people think of bucket dipping. They move away from the soap.
Life Lesson: People want to be around those who say or do nice things and people don’t want to be around people who don’t.

Happy Friday!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to celebrate your child’s writing with us!  They really enjoyed the visit and kind comments 🙂


We ended the day with an All School Share.  Lately it has been so cold that we have not been able to go outside and play.  During All School Share we had fun sharing different ways we have moved and had fun inside.  Here are some of our favorites:


Happy Friday!


Just a reminder…

We will be having our writing celebration tomorrow @ 1:00. If you are attending, please remember to sign in and get a visitor pass. One pass per family is ok. The celebration should last approximately 20 minutes.


A menu change for tomorrow… hot lunch will be cheese filled pizza sticks instead of mini bagel pizzas.