Thinking like scientists

Today we are doing science experiments with Stellaluna.  She is no longer a halloween pumpkin.  She is a teaching pumpkin.  We were wondering if Stellaluna will float in water.  We were also wondering what the inside of a pumpkin looks like and how many seeds.

Does a pumpkin float in water?  See for yourself:



What does the inside of a pumpkin look like?  Check it out:

Ask me where the pulp, meat and skin are.





How many seeds?
Most of us predicted between 5 and 25. We sorted the seeds and pulp. Then we placed our seeds on a ten frame. When all the seeds were in ten frames we counted. It was easy to count because all we had to do was count by tens. There was a lot of tricky counting to be done!!!!




Drum roll please….
793 seeds!

Thinking like scientists

Report Card Information

Today we are sending home a paper explaining some changes with the quarterly report card.  Your child will be receiving two different reports.  One report will be a portion of the traditional RSU 22 report that you may be familiar with.  The other report will be called an Evidence Progress Report.  The Evidence Progress Report will illustrate in detail what your child knows in the areas of literacy, math and physical education.  The traditional report will show how your child is preforming in science, social studies, music along with work habits.

Please refer to today’s handout when reading and interpreting the Evidence Progress Report. The information provided in the report will be a detailed account of your child’s learning.  We look forward to discussing your child’s progress and any questions you may have about the Evidence Progress Report during Parent Teacher Conferences.  Have a great weekend!

Report Card Information