Today we played with playing cards during math.  We used the ace through 10 cards.  One group played the game Top-It (variation of war) and the other group played Trash.  Both games were played with 2 players.

How to play Top-It:

Place cards face down in a pile in the middle.  Each player draws one card.  The person with the biggest number keeps the cards.  In the event of a tie both cards are placed in the center and another hand is played.  The player with the biggest number wins both sets of cards.  The game is over when the draw pile is empty.  The player with the most cards wins.

How to play Trash:

Deal 10 cards to each player.  Place remaining cards face down in the middle.  Arrange the 10 cards face down in a ten frame.  Player 1 picks the top card from the middle.  Place the card in the correct ten frame spot.  Take the card that was in it’s place and place it in the correct ten frame spot.  Keep going until you have a duplicate number.  Place your left over card in the discard pile (TRASH!)  Player 2 can choose to draw a card from the big pile or from the discard pile.  Place your card in the correct ten frame spot. Keep going until you have a duplicate number.  Then discard the remaining card in the trash pile.  Keep going until a player completes their ten frame.  The player that completes their ten frame first wins!

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Math Info

Patterns, patterns, patterns!  We are learning a lot about patterns.  Ask your child if they can define the word pattern.  See if they spot a pattern or build a pattern for you.  We are working on AB, AAB, ABB and ABC patterns.

Writing, counting and reading numbers.  We continue to work on counting.  Here is a fun video we use to help us practice counting: 

We are working on writing numbers, thinking about how to form them using our sayings “around a tree around a tree that’s the way to make a three”.


Math Info