Hundreds and Valentines Day

Can you believe this crazy weather?!?!  Due to snow days, we will be celebrating the 100th day on Wednesday February 15th.  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on Tuesday February 14th.  Thank you for your understanding.

Just a Reminder

One of the things we will do to celebrate is create a 100 Museum that will contain collections of 100 things.  We have been talking about ways to show 100 like 100 baseball cards, 100 paperclips or 100 beads on a necklace.  Children may need a little help gathering materials, but they should be able to do most of the work themselves.  Please send in your collection on Wednesday February 15th.

Yay for the 100th day!  We will be celebrating all day Wednesday February 15th.  For a fun activity, we are going to dress like a 100 year old person!  Be creative and have fun!  Don’t forget about the 100 collection.  You can send them in on the 100th day!

Hundreds and Valentines Day

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