Week One

What a great week!  We had so much fun meeting new friends and learning all about school.  We have been practicing how to be safe in school and how to have fun.  We learned a lot of procedures like how to use the bathroom, how to wash hands, how to line up, how to walk in line, how to sit on the rug, how to use the playground and a lot more!  You might hear students talk about a Fabulous Frog Line or Rug or hallway.  Here is what a Fabulous Frog Rug looks and sounds like.

fabulous frog rug

You may see your child coming home with something called a McGraw Paw.  They are the purple stickers that have a paw with the words respect, caring, safety, responsibility and honesty.  As we are learning how to do some of these important school things, students are earning paws for showing a characteristic of the McGraw Paw.  Lately, many students have been super responsible by remembering how to do a Fabulous Frog Rug all on their own with out any reminders, that’s responsibility at it’s finest!

Please pack an extra set of clothes to keep in your child’s backpack.  You never know when something can happen, like a milk spill at the lunch table or an applesauce explosion.  Having an extra set of clothes will make clean up much easier, thanks!

Thank you for the generous school supplies donations!  They are greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks for a great first week and enjoy the long weekend!

A few reminders…

*If you haven’t signed and returned all of the classroom and district forms, please do so by Monday. Thank you!

*Please be sure to put your child’s lunch money in a sealed envelope or zip loc bag labeled with both my name and theirs. Please keep the lunch form separate.


Week One

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