Thinking like scientists

Today we are doing science experiments with Stellaluna.  She is no longer a halloween pumpkin.  She is a teaching pumpkin.  We were wondering if Stellaluna will float in water.  We were also wondering what the inside of a pumpkin looks like and how many seeds.

Does a pumpkin float in water?  See for yourself:



What does the inside of a pumpkin look like?  Check it out:

Ask me where the pulp, meat and skin are.





How many seeds?
Most of us predicted between 5 and 25. We sorted the seeds and pulp. Then we placed our seeds on a ten frame. When all the seeds were in ten frames we counted. It was easy to count because all we had to do was count by tens. There was a lot of tricky counting to be done!!!!




Drum roll please….
793 seeds!

Thinking like scientists

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